Gift Ideas

Whether it's for birthdays, father's day, Christmas, you name it. We've got something for every occasion. Here are some of our favourites

Gift Ideas

  1. Part No:AC-TWL-JPEN-24KT
    £36.98 ( £30.82 Ex. VAT)

    A yellow gold pen solution that improves the equality and stabilization of the plating deposit. This doesn't contain cyanide.
  2. Part No:AC-FA510
    £16.27 ( £13.56 Ex. VAT)

    Creative Foiling Set - enhance your project with metallic effects!

  3. Part No:AC-LC1875
    £21.95 ( £18.29 Ex. VAT)

    LED Dome Magnifier 3x

    Plano-Convex Glass magnifier Lens

    Used to inspect photos, stamps, coins, maps, pictures and more

  4. Part No:AC-PKN2008
    £10.93 ( £9.11 Ex. VAT)

    Modelcraft Knife with 6x Blades

    Includes A6 self-healing cutting mat

    Ideal for model making, scenery crafting and smaller DIY tasks

  5. Part No:AC-PKN4301-S
    £6.95 ( £5.79 Ex. VAT)

    #1 Soft Grip Craft Knife

    6x Assorted Blades

    Magnetic End for picking up blades

  6. Part No:AC-PSS1060
    £34.93 ( £29.11 Ex. VAT)

    Hot wire cutter for polystyrene and foam cutting

    Stencil burner to create instant bespoke stencils

  7. Part No:AC-SA4950
    £9.97 ( £8.31 Ex. VAT)

    Ideal for very thin cuts in wood & plastics

  8. Part No:AC-SL2010
    £89.94 ( £74.95 Ex. VAT)

    Temperature Controlled Multi Station - 24V / 20W iron plus 14 tips

  9. Part No:AC-KN1216-15B
    £17.99 ( £14.99 Ex. VAT)

    100x No.15 Surgical Scalpel Blades

  10. Part No:SC-BC-EP-LK
    £42.10 ( £35.08 Ex. VAT)

    Transform paper into light!
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