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Mould Making

Our range Mould Making products includes Silicone Putty, ComposiMold and lots of crafting accessories.

Perfect for cake decorating, model crafting and much more.

Mould Making

  1. Part No:AC-MM-CM-20OZ
    Ex VAT £20.67 Inc VAT £24.80
    ComposiMold Original 20oz
  2. Part No:AC-MM-CM-40OZ
    Ex VAT £39.19 Inc VAT £47.03
    ComposiMold Original 40oz
  3. Part No:AC-MM-CM-BB-6OZ
    Ex VAT £13.18 Inc VAT £15.82
    Bubble Buster - Bubble Formation Reduction Spray 6floz
  4. Part No:AC-MM-CM-CAS-PL-8OZ
    Ex VAT £20.67 Inc VAT £24.80
    ComposiMold Clear Casting Plastic 8 Fl oz
  5. Part No:AC-MM-CM-CAS-STO
    Ex VAT £10.93 Inc VAT £13.12
    ComposiStone Dry Plaster Mix 1lb (454g)
  6. Part No:AC-MM-CM-DVD
    Ex VAT £6.43 Inc VAT £7.72
    ComposiMold Instructional DVD
  7. Part No:AC-MM-CM-MR-4OZ
    Ex VAT £10.47 Inc VAT £12.56
    Vegetable Oil Mould Release Spray
  8. Part No:AC-MM-SC-PUT-150G
    Ex VAT £9.40 Inc VAT £11.28
    SilliCreations Silicone Putty 150g
  9. Part No:AC-MM-SC-PUT-300G
    Ex VAT £17.68 Inc VAT £21.22
    SilliCrations Sillicone Putty 300g
  10. Part No:AC-MM-CM-10OZ
    Ex VAT £13.18 Inc VAT £15.82
    ComposiMold Original 10oz (283g)
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