Polishing & Finishing

Polishing and Finishing abrasive blocks and buffs for cleaning, sanding, buffing and material removal on models, cars, metal, craft and other industrial items.

Polishing & Finishing

  1. Part No:AC-PF-PC-AOX-COR
    £15.97 ( £13.31 Ex. VAT)

    6" Coarse Grade Polishing Mop - Great for removing paint and heavy rust from metal.

    De-nibbing soft and hard wood.

    Leave a matt finish on stainless steel and other metals.

  2. Part No:AC-PF-PC-AB-30G
    £4.93 ( £4.11 Ex. VAT)

    Coarse 30 Grit

    Great for material removal, sanding and surface cleaning

    Can be used dry or wet

  3. Part No:AC-PF-PC-BAR-BL
    £8.99 ( £7.49 Ex. VAT)

    Great for final high glossing stage work

    Best used on stainless steel, steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminium and other metals.

    Use with hard buffs

  4. Part No:AC-PF-PC-STG-8-3
    £23.99 ( £19.99 Ex. VAT)

    For non-ferrous materials such as steel, iron and other metals

    Made from high quality Calico

    Fine weave offering a high quality gloss finish

    Closely stitched to add rigidity and firmness

    Fitted with traditional leather centre

  5. Part No:AC-PF-PC-BAR-PI
    £7.98 ( £6.65 Ex. VAT)

    Great for intermediate stage work

    Best used on Stainless Steel, steel, iron and other hard metals.

    Use with hard buffs

  6. Part No:AC-PF-PC-BAR-GR
    £7.98 ( £6.65 Ex. VAT)

    Great for first stage work

    Best used on Stainless Steel, steel, iron and other hard metals.

    Use with Sisal and Stitched buffs

  7. Part No:AC-PF-PC-BAR-BR
    £7.98 ( £6.65 Ex. VAT)

    Great for Preparatory work

    Best used on Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Plastics and fibreglass

  8. Part No:AC-PF-PC-TS-14
    £7.98 ( £6.65 Ex. VAT)

    Connect your Polishing Mop to almost any power tool.

    Mop securely screws onto tapered thread - Held in place by grub screw.

    Quickly and simply change Mop heads.

  9. Part No:AC-PF-PC-CB-PRE
    £28.98 ( £24.15 Ex. VAT)

    Simple, easy to use body preparation kit.

    Great for door skin removal, weld preparation, underseal removal, rust and paint removal.

  10. Part No:AC-PF-PC-CHP-AU
    £18.97 ( £15.81 Ex. VAT)

    Simple, easy to use polishing kit.

    High quality finish on chrome and plated surfaces

    Great for polishing a chrome wheels, rocker covers and front forks

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