Power Tools

Our range of crafting Power Tools and Accessories, made in Germany, includes Drills, Drill Kits, Grinders, Routers, Saws & Saw Blades, Transformers & Sanders.

From the hobbyist to seasoned crafter, our range of Power Tools and accessories caters for the widest possible range of applications, skill levels and budgets.

Power Tools

  1. Part No:AC-MT320753
    £5.50 ( £4.58 Ex. VAT)

    6x Abrasive Grain Paper Discs - 240 Grit

    Self-adhesive paper HCAB longlife with coarse grain.

    For use on most materials

  2. Part No:AC-SA4530-2
    £4.99 ( £4.16 Ex. VAT)

    Eliminate underside tearout and provide a smooth, splinter-free finish

  3. Part No:AC-RDR1905-04
    £4.24 ( £3.53 Ex. VAT)

    HSS Mini Jobber Drill Bits

    5 Piece Pack

  4. Part No:AC-MT320305
    £309.98 ( £258.32 Ex. VAT)

    Ideal for use with wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals, PCBs and glass- and carbon-fibre reinforced plastics.

    Comes with parallel and mitre guide for precise straight and angled cuts

    Fitted with sander attachment for use with sanding wheels and discs

  5. Part No:AC-MT320615
    £5.48 ( £4.57 Ex. VAT)

    3x Brass Brush Set

    Ideal for stone, ceramics , wood & cement.

  6. Part No:AC-RBF8225-2
    £4.93 ( £4.11 Ex. VAT)

    2x Calico Polishing Buffs

    Shaft diameter 2.35mm (3/32")

  7. Part No:AC-SA4340
    £4.98 ( £4.15 Ex. VAT)

    Have two teeth together followed by a flat space

    For efficient chip removal

    They cut fast, leaving clean edges in wood and plastic

  8. Part No:AC-MT320759
    £7.50 ( £6.25 Ex. VAT)

    3x Soft Face Wheel 60mm

    Suited for tool with AC-MT320750

  9. Part No:AC-SA4630
    £5.99 ( £4.99 Ex. VAT)

    High Carbon Steel Spiral Saw Blades

    360º cutting capability

  10. Part No:AC-RDR1905-09
    £4.24 ( £3.53 Ex. VAT)

    HSS Mini Jobber Drill Bits

    5 Piece Pack

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